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Thibault Coppieters

PhD student, PhD students


Thibault Coppieters obtained a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University catholique of Louvain (UCL) with a focus on energy and entrepreneurship. Since 2012, he occupied different professional positions as a field, mechanical and project engineer. Currently he is undertaking some research at VUB as a PhD student under the supervision of Pr. Blondeau


USquare, Building G
USquare Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Fritz Toussaintstraat 8
1050 Brussel

Research Interests

His work focuses on the development of techno-economic models to assess the economic viability of Flue Gas Condenser (FGC) retrofitting in medium-scale biomass combustion plants integrated in District Heating networks. The usual assumptions of constant process parameters generally used are challenged by taking into account the variability of the main parameters influencing its performance, such as the return temperature and moisture content. The possibility of adding a heat pump to increase the heat recovered in the FGC is considered. He is also carrying experimental investigations on the impact of FGCs on particulate matte emissions from small- and medium-scale biomass combustion installations.