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Maxime Pochet

Maxime Pochet

PhD Student, PhD students


Maxime Pochet is a mechanical engineer from UCLouvain, Belgium. 
Specialized in Energy, and passionated about the energy transition, he started his PhD thesis at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and UCLouvain on the experimental design of an engine flexible to the use of various electrofuels coming from Power-to-Fuel. He will defend his PhD thesis at the end of the  summer 2019.


USquare, Building G
USquare Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Fritz Toussaintstraat 8
1050 Brussels

Research Interests

Maxime Pochet uses experimental ways to investigate the design, potential, and characteristics of multi-electrofuel HCCI engines. His other interests are linked to the rigor and meaningfulness of data: his recent works brought him to perform a thorough Uncertainty Analysis of an HCCI piston engine test bench and he will shortly focus on the Life Cycle Assessment of Power-to-Fuel.