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Ghader Ghorbaniasl

Ghader Ghorbaniasl

Professor, Academic staff


Ghader Ghorbaniasl has received his PhD in Computational Aeroacoustics from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Since 2009, Ghorbaniasl has been an active academic member of the Thermo and Fluid Dynamics Research Group, of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at VUB. During his term in the research group, he has been involved in several research projects and doctoral programs. He was a project leader for the SBO project of CAPRICORN on  aeroacoustics,  the GOA project on biological flows and the SBO project of EUFORIA on robust design.   His contribution to the scientific community ranges across a wide range of disciplines. He is authored or co-authored several papers in refereed journals and supervising several PhD and Masters. His lecturing experience has started with teaching advanced mathematics and finite element method in fluid dynamics. He is currently responsible for "Numerical methods in aerothermodynamics” and  "Computational Fluid Dynamics" courses at VUB. 


USquare, Building G
USquare Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Fritz Toussaintstraat 8
1050 Brussels

Research Interests

Ghorbaniasl’s research activities lie in a wide range of disciplines, namely flow induced noise prediction, turbulent flow modelling, and particle flows.  His research interests are aircraft noise, helicopter noise, sound scattering problems, and robust design in aeroacoustics and biological flows. An additional area of interest is broadband noise prediction and control in aeronautics.